Valeska Schneider

Valeska's Story

Surfer Valeska went to Australia and switched skis for surfboard

Switch: Ski to surf

Valeska was born and raised close to the Alps in Starnberg. Her first steps into sports where skiing in the Alps but there always has been a curiosity to try surfing. During her year abroad in Australia, she had first set foot on a surfboard. Since then, she has dedicated her life handling studies, work and surfing.

5 years to the top

After just half a year of practice, she started in her first contest. For the last five years, Valeska Schneider has steadily improved her skills and finally in 2017, she crowned this effort by winning the German Longboard Championship.

Dicovering waves

On her quest for waves, Valeska went to the Sylt Open to try the local conditions for the first time in her career. In January 2018, she is going to compete in the ISA World Longboard Surfing Championships in China.

sporting success


German championships 2017 (Longboard Women)– winner

adh- championships (Open Women)– winner



German championships 2016 (Open Women)– 3rd place

German championships 2016 (Longboard Women)– 3rd place

adh- championships (Open Women)- winner


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